March 30

A Reflection on “Animal School”

In mentoring, we watched a video call “Animal School”. I think that the overall message on this video is that everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and different way of doing things and that every child is unique. This video used different animals to show, metaphorically how different students learn. The video shows animals all in the same curriculum, it also showed what stopped them from being the best that they could be. For example, the video showed an eagle who was labeled a trouble maker because he did not climb the same way as the other animals, therefore; discouraging him. Another animals was the fish, the fish went unnoticed and all of the subjects seemed the same to him. The teachers did not realize this. The fish is representing the student who need special attention in subjects, but is discouraged and does not do well in school when it does not get it. A student who got discouraged from bullying, and stops doing well in school. The zebra was made fun of by the ponies for being different and having strips. It think that this video really shows how people, students especially do not learn all the same. I think that everyone learns differently and have different strengths and weaknesses.

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