March 30

Responsible Use of Technology

I think that there are many pros and cons to today’s technology. Firstly, I think that some pros of having the technology is that it gives people a great way of communicating, it gives people a way of communicating and it also helps people be safer. I think that some of the cons to having this technology is that it can distract people and students from work or school, some things that people post on social websites can be permanent and also it can lead to cyber-bullying and many misunderstandings.

I also believe that parents should not have our passwords. This is becasue if they know your passwords they can make simple thing a big deal. Most parents freak out when they see just one text with a swear word in it, even if it is not sent from you. They also sometimes do not let you explain about something that was on your phone and jump to conclusions.

I think that techology is good for kids, but is one thing that is okay to have some things private.

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jenissa sunderjj. grade 12. mulgrave school.

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  1. jamilla15

    good job but maybe you should not use words like “Freak” on your eFolio because it makes it seem less formal. Also you said “it gives people a way of communicating” twice.


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