March 30

Should We Follow Orders

During mentoring we have been talking about if you think that you should follow orders from someone in a higher position than you or not. In my opinion I think that you should not follow orders in today’s world if it is against your morals. If it is important for your saftey or for the people’s around you saftey, to follow your orders, then should. If by following your orders you are hurting someone in the process then you should not. This complicates when you are asked to do something that is against your morals, but you could get hurt, fired or in big trouble for not doing so. In this case it really matters what the circumstances are. For example, we watched a video on police officers who sprayed college rioters with pepper spray. In this case if they had not followed their orders they could of gotton in big trouble or gotten fired. If i was in there case, I would have not done so as it would be against my morale and common sense. I think that it is important to follow your orders, but to some extent.

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