April 13

Learning Styles

Today in Mentoring we answered a survey on different styles of learning. This survey calculated your results and then told you what your dominant learning style is. When I did this survey I found out I am a auditory learner. In some subjects I find it really helpful to create diagrams and outlines of to help solve problems. In math, during tests I sometimes highlight tests. I agree with this in some ways. This is because, if I am in class I will most likely just listen instead of watch what the teacher is doing. As well, when I did futher research, I found that people who are auditory learners find listening to music while doing homework easier than just doing homework with nothing in the background and I find this true for myself. During the test I got 6 auditory, 5 visual and 5 Kinesthetic learners. I think that this is because for each subject in school I use a different type of learning style. For example, in Humanities, I would most likely not participate much in the discussion and will most likely fiddle with something or draw something. As well when I am studying for a test I would probably use study cards or make pictures. As well I find tying to listen to someone talk about something really boring and I would not be able to sit still. All of these examples are reasons why I use all three of the learning styles.

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