April 23

Fate vs. Free Will

One of philosophy’s biggest questions is whether our lives are predetermined (fate). I believe in free will. This is because I think, in my opinion, you always have something to work for. If you really wanted something I do not think that it is fate that gives it to you. I think that it depends on how you want live your life. Fate is what people think is predetermined and cannot change. I think that you have your own free will to do whatever you want. I do think that you have your own fate, but you can change it. I think of it as a path, you are going straight forward, but you can choose to turn and go in a different direction when you have the¬†opportunity. In the play McBeth, I think that everything happened was because of the way he reacted when he heard his future. He went crazy with the thought of being king, so he chose the path of his fate by killing the king.