October 29

Student-Led Conferences – Reflection

1) What went well with your conferences?

I think that I was able to share my goals really well with my mom. I was also able to use her help to improve my goals and make them better. Also, I think that we were able to collaborate to create a really good goal that will help me in the future

2) If you could improve one thing about the conference what would it be?

I would  improve that I would make my goals a bit different, because they were all really similar.

3) What is your collaborative goal?

My collaborative goal is to brainstorm with my mom to get new ideas and to record the conversations so that I can listen back.

4) What steps are you taking this week towards your goals?

This week I am going to go to French help because I have a french test. As well I am going to work on my night of the notables project.

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