November 20


This post is about my major service commitment. This Year I am doing MCAS. This is my first year doing this and I am really enjoying it. It is a great way to take a leadership role in the middle school. Recently, we put on a haunted house for Halloween. This was a lot of work. It was especially hard to keep the grade 7s and 8s on task. In the end we were all able to work together and put on a great haunted house. Right now me and my co-chair are helping the group focus on Christmas. For this we decided to do a 12 days of christmas theme. After meeting with Mr. Jones we decided to shorten it down to 10 days. So far we have split the entire MSAC group up into 10 groups, each with one or two MSACX leaders. We have started to organize different events for each day such as candy counts and ornament decoration competitions. MSAC is going really well and I am really excited to continue planning and finalizing for Christmas.

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