November 20


This year I am in Volleyball, Yoga and Art of Today. These are all really fun. In Volleyball, we are working mainly on the basic skills. This is really good because I am able to work on my form and as well it helps get ready for Stars tryouts next month. Overall I am happy with my volleyball elective. My second elective is Yoga. This is a really great elective because I am really enjoying getting to relax and “de-stress”. Lastly, the last elective that I am in is Art of Today. I am really glad I switched into it because I am having fun getting extra art in. SO far we have been doing projects such as logo making which we are printing on t-shirts, New Guinea storyboards and magnet making with bottle caps. I especially like this because there is a lot of leeway as to where your art can go so I can personalize mine.

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