January 14

CAS Reflection

We just finished working on Christmas in MSAC. It was the last project that I was co-chairing with Kiyaana. Overall, it went really well and we only had a few things that didn’t work out. Some of the events went extremely well like the bake sale and pictures with santa. The first day came a lot quicker than we had thought so the first day was a little last minute. As well one group forgot about their day and weren’t able to do it. Lastly, we didn’t get to do our main event because there was no school. Something that we could of done better was to check in with the groups more. If we had done this, I think that the events would have been less rushed.

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jenissa sunderjj. grade 12. mulgrave school.

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  1. CChiu

    Thanks for your contributions to MSAC, the events are Christmas were awesome. Great reflections, keep up the good work! 🙂

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