January 27

CAS- Student Voice

this year my creative commitment is the student voice council. I am going to be taking a larger leadership role in the student voice council. Our group is sort of on hold right now. We seem to be having trouble getting things done, especially without the grade twelves who played a large role in the club. earlier this year we discussed strategies to get more student feedback on how student life is for them. we had initially planned to send out a survey, but it has not been done. we had also collaborated with mr. wray to decide on an advertising strategy that the student body would like more than the old one. we were told that the theme of the old one needed to be kept the same, but how it is used is up to us. we discussed a few different ways of going about this, but ended up decided on going with a similar design as before, only using mulgrave students. we thought that this way we would be able to show the many diverse accomplishments and passions of the student body. we left of with having two representatives from each grade find two student in their grade that would agree to be photographed and have their photos used in public advertisements, although i do not believe that anybody actually did this. once we begin to meet more steadily, this will be one of the projects on the top of our list.

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