December 6

Student Voice Council

One of my major service commitments this year has been the student voice council at school. Unlike last year, I have taken a major leadership role in the group as I am the director. This involves a lot of work and more time than I put into this service group in the past. Despite this, we have been more successful in the last few months than in any of the previous two/three years combined. So far we have created and promoted gender neutral bathrooms to promote an inclusive Mulgrave environment, changed the uniform regulations to allow girls to wear pants (boys can also wear kilts should they want), worked in tandem with the other heads of divisions and Cambridge and Company to create the pants, started a Gender Sexuality Alliance at the school, shadow day for grade 10s, changing the furniture in the senior school and more. It has been an incredibly successful year so far and I am looking forward to completing more projects and I am confident that when I had the reigns over to the upcoming students, they will succeed in the coming years.

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