December 6

Volleyball 2016 Season

My major commitment this year is being apart of the Senior Girls A Team for volleyball. This year we played hard and made it to playoffs. While we didn’t make it provincials this year, I feel like I improved immensely and learned a lot from the experience. As this is my last year, I wanted to reflect on the experience of volleyball from the beginning of joining this team until now.

Volleyball has been a part of my life for ten years and each year of participating has benefited me greatly. For the last three years, I have played on the Senior Girl’s A Team. When I started in Grade 10 I was very intimidated by the older girls. By the end of the season I had improved immensely in my skills, but didn’t get very much playing time. My coach told me that I needed to be more assertive and confident.

In Grade 11 I made this my goal. The change was slow, but undeniable. I started to serve as a mentor to the new players. I bonded with the team and we ended up playing together this year. This was when I finally stopped being scared to make mistakes and became a leader in my team. I was also able

While I was never the best player, the confidence and dedication that I learned from volleyball will hold more significance in my life that any physical skills of the sport. Volleyball has been a part of my life for nine years and I hope to continue playing recreationally in the future.

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