January 26

Human Right’s Club- Creativity

This year and last year I have been apart of the Human Right’s Club. The club was started by one of my friends has had a lot of success in different goals of the club. Meeting every Tuesday at lunch, we organize different events and fundraisers to bring awareness or raise money for local and global causes. Last year we held a Christmas Cabaret, windmill making for Syria, screening of the movie He Named Me Malala and other small events. This year we have had two main focuses so far. The first was the Christmas Cabaret. It was held for senior school students and was a mixture of a talent show, gingerbread making contest, karaoke and a casual hang-out. The proceeds from the tickets were given to a charity that helps LGBTQA+ youth. For this I contacted facilities and teacher supervisors, organized food and decorations and help with set up on the day. We also made ‘teacher calendars’ which had funny pictures of different teachers for each month. This had been in planning for over a year and was quite a process. We spent lunches, mornings and afterschool taking photos, speaking to teachers, designing the calendar and photo shopping the photos. The money that we got went to amnesty international. Overall, Human Rights Club was a great experience that I look forward to participating in for the rest of the year.

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