December 6

Grade 5 Volleyball Assistant Coach

This year I had the opportunity to volunteer as an assistant coach to the grade 5 volleyball team. Last year I helped coach the volleyball club and I really enjoyed it. My younger sister is also on the team and with my experience with volleyball, I thought it would be a great way to help not only my sister, but the other kids as well. This was a great experience. I was amazed at how much improvement was seen even in the short months that the season took place in. One thing I think I achieved was helping the girls learn skills like serving, passing and setting like I did. In some ways, I think it is easier to learn from another student because there are always different ways of approaching something. The experience made me more confident around the kids and I really got to know a lot of them. In the future, I know that I want to continue doing volunteer work with kids as I really enjoy being around them.

December 6

Student Voice Council

One of my major service commitments this year has been the student voice council at school. Unlike last year, I have taken a major leadership role in the group as I am the director. This involves a lot of work and more time than I put into this service group in the past. Despite this, we have been more successful in the last few months than in any of the previous two/three years combined. So far we have created and promoted gender neutral bathrooms to promote an inclusive Mulgrave environment, changed the uniform regulations to allow girls to wear pants (boys can also wear kilts should they want), worked in tandem with the other heads of divisions and Cambridge and Company to create the pants, started a Gender Sexuality Alliance at the school, shadow day for grade 10s, changing the furniture in the senior school and more. It has been an incredibly successful year so far and I am looking forward to completing more projects and I am confident that when I had the reigns over to the upcoming students, they will succeed in the coming years.

December 6

Volleyball 2016 Season

My major commitment this year is being apart of the Senior Girls A Team for volleyball. This year we played hard and made it to playoffs. While we didn’t make it provincials this year, I feel like I improved immensely and learned a lot from the experience. As this is my last year, I wanted to reflect on the experience of volleyball from the beginning of joining this team until now.

Volleyball has been a part of my life for ten years and each year of participating has benefited me greatly. For the last three years, I have played on the Senior Girl’s A Team. When I started in Grade 10 I was very intimidated by the older girls. By the end of the season I had improved immensely in my skills, but didn’t get very much playing time. My coach told me that I needed to be more assertive and confident.

In Grade 11 I made this my goal. The change was slow, but undeniable. I started to serve as a mentor to the new players. I bonded with the team and we ended up playing together this year. This was when I finally stopped being scared to make mistakes and became a leader in my team. I was also able

While I was never the best player, the confidence and dedication that I learned from volleyball will hold more significance in my life that any physical skills of the sport. Volleyball has been a part of my life for nine years and I hope to continue playing recreationally in the future.

December 6

CAS Grade 12 Plan

For the second year of my CAS commitments I want to continue my commitments from last year. I plan to do the following:


Pizza Debate Judge

Student Voice Council (Director)

Volunteer at Cedarview Residential Centre


Human Rights Club

Student Voice Council (surveys, designing)


Senior Girls Volleyball

Grade 5 volleyball assistant coach


May 18

CAS- Final Reflection

This year the CAS commitments that I have completed are as follows:


Volunteering with Vancouver Coastal Health at Cedarview Residential Centre (once a week)

Volunteering with Junior School grades 3-4 volleyball extra-curricular


Student Voice Council- designing surveys, new sweater ideas, feedback collection ideas

Human Rights Club- designing posters and other awareness ideas


Jr. Girls Volleyball team


Not all of my commitments that I planned to do worked out. For example, I had planned on being a member of the Global Week Club, but I found that with the commitments that I already had, I wasn’t able to commit to it. I also was not able to attend any MUN conferences, therefore I cannot count it as a creative as I had planned. Although I was not able to do these, I am satisfied with the commitments that I did complete.

The first commitment that I would like to reflect on being apart of the Jr. Girl’s Volleyball team. This was my second year of playing on this team. We had a wide variety of ages and with no grade 12s playing, we had learn to play as a team. I am happy with my improvement as a volleyball player. Although there are many things that I could still work on, I have really improved my serve. I am now able to serve consistently and even aim to a better spot on the court. I think that I have also improved my hitting and passing. In comparison to last year, I am much more confident and aggressive in practices and during games. This was one of my major goals that I took on at the beginning of the year, and I think that I have met it. In the last game of the season, I played for the entire time and got player of the game, something that I am really proud of. I am looking forward to hopefully playing again next year as it really helped me to bond with people who were a little outside my social circle, while developing my skills as a volleyball and team player.

I decided to take the skills that I had developed in volleyball this year and in the past years to help mentor younger students in grades 3 and 4. I started volunteering with the after school volleyball club and have found it incredibly rewarding. I really enjoy spending time with the kids. I think that one of the biggest thing I am able to help them by teaching them the skills that they need in a way that helped me. As I have developed as player, I have found my own tricks to learning skills such as hitting, passing and serving. I have found it extremely rewarding to be able to teach one of the kids how to serve and see the joy that they have when the finally get it. I really want to able to continue this next year and maybe even help coach the grade 5 team next year.

My creative commitment for this year has been to due with Student Voice. This has been a challenging thing to be apart of as the results are not easy to come by. This year I have designed surveys, launched proposals to help gather student feedback, finalized the design on a possible new sweater and helped lead the club. I think that I have demonstrated the CAS learning outcome of initiative and planning. I have really taken charge this year as the grade 11s began to take lead. Ranna, the other student who has been in student voice for the past two years, and I have taken a major leading role on this and have taken charge with the group. We have launched new ideas such as ways to break down the social barriers and create more interaction between social groups. I am looking forward to continuing this next year and achieving more success.

In Human Rights which I joined at the start of the second semester, I have both volunteered in service and creative ways. One example is that I designed and created posters with facts about international women’s day that we posted all over the school to raise awareness. Human Rights Club has been really rewarding and it is incredible to see how commitment everyone is to bring change and awareness to the the global world.

I am proud of my achievements in service this year. I volunteer at Cedarview Lodge, a residential home on the North Shore. It has been a great experience to be involved in the community outside Mulgrave and interact with people who are able to share different perspectives. I think that by participating in this service commitment I have challenge myself by stepping outside the bubble that Mulgrave provides in terms of service, because of this I think that I have demonstrated the CAS learning outcome of challenge. I have found it really rewarding to be able to talk to the seniors and here them talk to the seniors. Once a week I go and talk to the seniors and help out with programs such as trivia, word searches and cross word puzzles. It is really eye opening to be able bond with them. Honestly, it is pretty sad to see the residents be really depressed by their situation. A lot of them have dementia or Alzheimer’s or other disabilities and many do not have families or do not see their families very often. Learning how to communicate with them while maintaining a level of respect and dignity that they should get has been difficult, but has been getting easier and more rewarding each week. During the summer I am hoping to volunteer more at Cedarview and continue this not only next year, but after I graduate as well.

Overall my commitments in CAS have allowed me developed in many ways. Whether it has been my skills as a volleyball player or my communication skills with others, I have gained a lot of experience and new perspectives that I will always carry with me. I am looking forward to both continuing these commitments, expanding on them and even beginning new ones my grad year.


May 17

CAS- Student Voice

As of right now we are trying to make another attempt at remodeling how student voice works. We have accepted four new grade 9s to join the team next year and we are hoping that they will be able to provide a new perspective on student life. Our main goal right now is to develop a new system to collect information. We have scheduled in a grade meeting with the grade 10s and are creating a presentation that will be engaging, but still get us the results that we need. One idea that we are floating around is to create a board of suggestions with people writing their ideas out on sticky notes. This is in an effort to minimize the amount of surveys that are sent out.

May 17

CAS- Volunteering with VCH

For the last few months I have been volunteering Cedarview Residential Centre in Lynn Valley. I found it to be a very different experience to volunteer outside of the Mulgrave community. Once a week I go and talk to the seniors and help out with programs such as trivia, word searches and cross word puzzles. It is really eye opening to be able bond with them. Honestly, it is pretty sad to see the residents be really depressed by their situation. A lot of them have dementia or Alzheimer’s or other disabilities. Learning how to communicate with them while maintaining a level of respect and dignity that they should get has been difficult, but has been getting easier and more rewarding each week.

May 17

CAS- Volunteering

I have started helping coach a grade 3-4 volleyball after school club with the junior school. I started doing this because my younger sister asked me to and I thought it would be a great way to get to know both her friends and other students in the junior school. The club is only for about an hour after school on Fridays, but I really enjoy it. I am able to use my experience with volleyball to help the kids develop the skills that they will be able to build on in the future. I am really enjoying doing this and I am thinking about seeing if I could help coach the grade 5 team next year.

January 27

cas commitments

right now I am falling a little behind in my cas commitments. I am going to start volunteering at a senior residential care facility next month. the student voice council is struggling a little with participation and commitment to following through with portfolios. I am planning to formulate a new plan for the rest of the year so that we are more effective. this will hopefully be put into action next month as finding time between school and work is proving to be hard.

January 13

CAS Commitment

So far this year I have changed my CAS commitments. I have been unable to make my creativity commitment because I have to work on the weekends which is when the conferences are. Instead I am going to use student voice council as my creativity commitment. We are attempting to continue to design a new sweater, it is probably going to be put in use mid year next year.