October 21

CAS- Volleyball

This year I play on the Jr. A Volleyball team. Since we have girls from grades 9-11, we play both Senior and Junior teams. I am really happy that I got onto this team because I am able to play with the same Grade 11 girls as I did last year, (there is no Senior A team), and as well get to know some of the girls in other grades. As the season comes to a close, I am happy with my improvement this year. Although there are many things that I could still work on, I have really improved my serve. I am now able to serve consistently and even aim it to a better spot on the court. I think that I have also improved on my hitting and passing. In comparison to last year, I think that I am much more confident and aggressive in practices and on the court during games. This Friday there is the Jr. ISAA Tournament which the Grade 11 can’t play in. I am looking forward to ending the season next week with the Senior tournament the following week and hopefully doing well.

October 1


  • To be more organized and stop procrastinating
    • “me” goal
      1. Start homework right when I get home
      2. Keep a list of what I have to do
      3. Refrain from watching TV or going on social media
  • To keep up to date with CAS
    1. Write a post every two weeks
    2. Try recording posts
  • Improve in volleyball and get more playing time
    • work on my serve
    • be more confident and aggressive on the court
    • work on my passing
May 21

Biography 2013-2014

This year I have changed quite a bit. I really worked hard to improve my grades, especially in Math and French. My favorite subjects are still English and Math, but I have started to also enjoy science a lot. This year, I found my hardest subject to be DT, but I already sort of knew that DT might be a problem. This year I tried to talk to my teachers more if I was finding that I wasn’t getting the grades I wanted to achieve. Outside of school, a few of my interests have changed. Music is a big part of my life and the genres that I enjoyed last year morphed into different ones. I have also tried to spend more time with my sisters, especially my older sister as she is graduating next year. I found that I was really able to bond with her over our shared interests such as music and TV shows that we both love. Some of my hobbies include writing, playing guitar, volleyball, baking and singing. Grade 9 started off a little bit rocky as I found that I didn’t have any of my close friends in most of my classes, but I was able to use this to an advantage as I was able to focus more on work. Overall, grade 9 was a really good year and I can’t wait to be apart of the senior school next year.

May 21

DPA Final Reflection

This year for DPA I have done several things. Firstly, as seen in the charts that I did volleyball in the first term and as well the volleyball elective. On top of this, I play basketball at home with my sisters whenever it is sunny. As well, I might go for a run or walk or go swimming depending on the weather as well. On average, I do about 30-45 minutes of physical activity each day, but sometimes more or a little less depending on the amount of homework and time that I have. This summer I plan to spend a lot of time outside, swimming, playing basketball, running, walking and other outdoor activities.

May 13

CAS- Service

This year I have done quite a bit of service. First of all, my main commitment was MSAC. This was a really fun and I was able to learn a lot. A main part of what I did in MSAC took place in the first term. In this term I was Co-Chairing with another friend. We put on a bunch of events but the most notable was the Halloween haunted house and the 10 days of Christmas. There was a lot that I learnt in this council. I was able to learn how to lead younger kids and how to use everyone’s skills towards a common goal. I also learnt more about time management, organization and general leadership. This skills helped me to get into the executive part of SAC for next year, which I am really looking forward to participating in. Another service commitment that I had this year was the Student Ambassador group. This was basically a guinea pig year for this group. I was able to participate in planning and bringing ideas to life. One of my favourite events was organizing the Catching Fire movie showing. As well I also really enjoyed meeting the new students before school. (even though it involved coming early during the summer). Some of the minor service commitments that I was involved in were the Vow of Silence, Pakur Walk for India, scorekeeping, refereeing and helping set up art displays. I have done probably more service this year than grade 7 or 8 and it has been a great experience. It has been a lot of hard work, but has definitely paid off.


April 15

DPA Update


Week 1: (Christmas Break)

Week 2: (210 minutes)- Volleyball, P.E., played tag with little kids (for over an hour…)

Week 3: (175 minutes)-  P.E., Volleyball

Week 4: (170 minutes)- Volleyball, P.E., Run


Week 1: (185 minutes) Volleyball, P.E., Run

Week 2: (145 minutes) Basketball, volleyball

Week 3: (210 minutes) Volleyball, P.E. Run

Week 4: (150 minutes) P.E., Volleyball


Week 1: (210 minutes) Volleyball, P.E. Run

Week 2: (345 minutes) Hike, Volleyball, P.E.

Week 3: (175 minutes)-  P.E., Volleyball

Week 4: (210 minutes) Basketball, volleyball, run


January 20

CAS Update- Open Art

Lately I have been going to open art. I usually go on tuesdays or thursdays at lunch. Before the break I went to open art on Fridays for two hours because my little sister finished at 4:30 on fridays. This was fun because I was with my sister who is really good in art. She was able to help me with current art projects that I was working on and as well side projects. I use open art to work on art project that I am behind on in class or to start new ones. I am planning to continue going to open art, especially because I finish visual arts soon.