January 20

CAS Update- Choir and Jazz Choir

This year I was really excited to be in the choir again. I have always enjoyed being in choir. Last year, jazz choir started in January/February and we only had one or two performances. This year however, we  started jazz choir in the beginning of the year. As well, we have been able to already perform a few times. Jazz choir has been really fun and I am really looking forward to continuing it this year. Concert choir is also going pretty well. It isn’t as enjoyable as jazz choir. This is because there are a lot of people in it and there are a lot of people who don’t focus and it can get kind of annoying. I would most likely stop doing choir, but I have to do it in order to do jazz choir. I am excited though, for senior school choir next year.

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April 23

Fate vs. Free Will

One of philosophy’s biggest questions is whether our lives are predetermined (fate). I believe in free will. This is because I think, in my opinion, you always have something to work for. If you really wanted something I do not think that it is fate that gives it to you. I think that it depends on how you want live your life. Fate is what people think is predetermined and cannot change. I think that you have your own free will to do whatever you want. I do think that you have your own fate, but you can change it. I think of it as a path, you are going straight forward, but you can choose to turn and go in a different direction when you have the opportunity. In the play McBeth, I think that everything happened was because of the way he reacted when he heard his future. He went crazy with the thought of being king, so he chose the path of his fate by killing the king.

April 13

Learning Styles

Today in Mentoring we answered a survey on different styles of learning. This survey calculated your results and then told you what your dominant learning style is. When I did this survey I found out I am a auditory learner. In some subjects I find it really helpful to create diagrams and outlines of to help solve problems. In math, during tests I sometimes highlight tests. I agree with this in some ways. This is because, if I am in class I will most likely just listen instead of watch what the teacher is doing. As well, when I did futher research, I found that people who are auditory learners find listening to music while doing homework easier than just doing homework with nothing in the background and I find this true for myself. During the test I got 6 auditory, 5 visual and 5 Kinesthetic learners. I think that this is because for each subject in school I use a different type of learning style. For example, in Humanities, I would most likely not participate much in the discussion and will most likely fiddle with something or draw something. As well when I am studying for a test I would probably use study cards or make pictures. As well I find tying to listen to someone talk about something really boring and I would not be able to sit still. All of these examples are reasons why I use all three of the learning styles.

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March 30

A Reflection on “Animal School”

In mentoring, we watched a video call “Animal School”. I think that the overall message on this video is that everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and different way of doing things and that every child is unique. This video used different animals to show, metaphorically how different students learn. The video shows animals all in the same curriculum, it also showed what stopped them from being the best that they could be. For example, the video showed an eagle who was labeled a trouble maker because he did not climb the same way as the other animals, therefore; discouraging him. Another animals was the fish, the fish went unnoticed and all of the subjects seemed the same to him. The teachers did not realize this. The fish is representing the student who need special attention in subjects, but is discouraged and does not do well in school when it does not get it. A student who got discouraged from bullying, and stops doing well in school. The zebra was made fun of by the ponies for being different and having strips. It think that this video really shows how people, students especially do not learn all the same. I think that everyone learns differently and have different strengths and weaknesses.

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March 30

Responsible Use of Technology

I think that there are many pros and cons to today’s technology. Firstly, I think that some pros of having the technology is that it gives people a great way of communicating, it gives people a way of communicating and it also helps people be safer. I think that some of the cons to having this technology is that it can distract people and students from work or school, some things that people post on social websites can be permanent and also it can lead to cyber-bullying and many misunderstandings.

I also believe that parents should not have our passwords. This is becasue if they know your passwords they can make simple thing a big deal. Most parents freak out when they see just one text with a swear word in it, even if it is not sent from you. They also sometimes do not let you explain about something that was on your phone and jump to conclusions.

I think that techology is good for kids, but is one thing that is okay to have some things private.

March 30

Should We Follow Orders

During mentoring we have been talking about if you think that you should follow orders from someone in a higher position than you or not. In my opinion I think that you should not follow orders in today’s world if it is against your morals. If it is important for your saftey or for the people’s around you saftey, to follow your orders, then should. If by following your orders you are hurting someone in the process then you should not. This complicates when you are asked to do something that is against your morals, but you could get hurt, fired or in big trouble for not doing so. In this case it really matters what the circumstances are. For example, we watched a video on police officers who sprayed college rioters with pepper spray. In this case if they had not followed their orders they could of gotton in big trouble or gotten fired. If i was in there case, I would have not done so as it would be against my morale and common sense. I think that it is important to follow your orders, but to some extent.

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February 14

“They Lied”

Lately, in Mentoring, we have been talking about drugs. Last week we watched a short video on how people around you lie to convince you to take drugs. In this video it gave examples of some of the many different ways people are convinced to take drugs. Two of the ways that made people do drugs, in this video, revolved around school and friends. I think that kids and teens are under a lot of pressure at school. I think that many students do drugs because they are told that it would help them get through exams or tests in school. What happens though is that instead of helping you through whatever is going on in school, the drugs just make you even more frustrated as you cannot concentrate. Another way people lie to convince other people to use drugs is that they say it will not lead to other drugs. This is obviously a lie because most people who take one type of drugs end up taking a more dangerous drug. The last thing that I am going to mention is that people around you, who want you to take drugs, will tell you that it is safe. Even though they tell you that you would not get addicted when you only take a drug for the first time, you are most likely to get addicted. There are many ways that people lie to you to get you to take drugs.

November 21

Democracy, Bullying, Fairness and Coercion

Yesterday during mentoring, we had a talk on some very important things. One of those was bullying. This part of the talk was about how bullying is a lot more common onine now and how if you would not say something to someone’s face then don’t say it at all. I think it wrong to hurt people’s feelings or make life unfair for someone. One way that bullying happens is when there is any type of elections; specifically democratic elections. This was what the second part of the elections was about. Even though these are supposed to be fair most of the time there is coercion. This can be a type of bullying. During elections, many people feel pressured to vote for once person and not the other. During the Mulgrave
elections there was none of this making very fair. I found this talk very informative and significant.

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November 5

Stand By Me

Last week our class participated in a very informative seminar about friendship. This seminar was called Stand By Me. During this we learnt about bullies, how to stop them, what they do and what to do if you or someone that you knew, were being bullied. I found that this seminar was really interesting for many reasons. Firstly, we did a small survey on who has been bullied in the past year. We all put our heads down and then raised our hands when the instructor said a form of bullying. In the end the results were different from what many people expected. There was a lot of people who have been bullied in just this year alone! We also heard some devastated true stories about some people who had been bullied. I found these stories very upsetting because most of the problems could have been easily prevented. Lastly, the major part of this workshop was that we got a chance to apologize to anybody who you might of bullied, even without knowing it. When someone apologized then the person who they apologize to would get a chance to accept their apology, or tell them that they should talk it out a bit more another time. That person would then apologize to the person who originally apologize to them if they had done anything back to that person, but only if they wanted to. I found this very nice because we got to find out that a person, who had not necessarily been the nicest person to you, was actually really sorry for what they had done. After we all apologize, we all got a chance to ask for an apology from someone. I found this really comforting because many people do not realize that they had bullied someone and had only done it by accident. I found this workshop amazing because we learnt so much. One really valuable lesson I learnt during Stand By Me, is that even if you do not mean something that you do, it does not matter. it only matters what the person you did thinks about it. In the end I think that it was a great idea to have the seminar, Stand By Me. Everyone in the class learnt that bullying is not just a horrible act to perform, but an act that has terrible consequences. It was really worthwhile and valuable.

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October 31

About Me!

Hi! My name is Jenissa and I am in grade 7. I live in West Vancouver. My favourite activities are dance, volleyball, playing the guitar and baking. I dance many times a week and I am on the volleyball team at school. I love to bake cupcakes, brownies, cookies and cakes. I have one older sister named Jamilla, who is fourteen and a younger sister named Sara, who is five. My favourite T.V. shows are The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. At school my favourite subjects are French and Art.

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