August 25

eFolio Guide

G7-10 MYP eFolio

  1. MYP eFolio Overview
  2. 7 Steps to Completing the MYP eFolio
  3. Blogging Guidelines
  4. Click here for all MYP eFolio docs

G11-12 CAS eFolio

  1. CAS eFolio Overview
  2. 8 Steps to Completing the CAS eFolio
  3. Blogging Guidelines
  4. Click here for all CAS eFolio docs

How to Set Up Your Edublogs eFolio Blog!

  1. eFolio Edublogs Guide
  2. Edublogs Online Guide

eFolio Support

If you need support in developing your eFolio blog and/or commitments, please refer to following resources:

  1. Mulgrave eFolio Guide: This is the best place to start. Try to figure things out on your own first, based on the information and guidance given by your teachers.
  2. The Mulgrave Citizen (formerly Student Announcements and Portfolio News): This new comprenhensive and multimedia blog will give you weekly postings on student activities, school events and opportunities for global citizenship including service and volunteering, leadership and community engagement, and social and environmental good. You can even sign up for email notices or connect through the RSS feed to Facebook, iGoogle and other feed readers.
  3. Clubbing: Check out Mulgrave’s service-based clubs here. Sign up and get involved!
  4. Your Peers: Be resourceful. Talk to your classmates first to see if they can help you figure things out. For eFolio Tech help, you will soon be able to contact our student-teacher support team or “Geek Squad” (more info to come soon).
  5. Homeroom/Advisor: Talk to your teachers, especially your advisor, for support.
  6. eFolio Programme CoordinatorContact me. You can find me in my office 1019, classroom 1022 or via email
  7. Following: Find opportunities to get engaged posted on Twitter via @MulgraveSchool, @MulgraveCitizen or @ChangemakerNet or follow the hashtag #TMCitizen for posts specifically about acttivities you can join in.
  8. Passport 2 Citizenship. This is a directory of global-local opportunities for students wjo need more support with ideas for commitments in service and volunteerism (coming soon).
  9. Looking for citizenship opportunities in the community? Check out the North Shore Youth Volunteer Directory! It’s a great resource of community volunteer and leadership ideas for youth aged 12-20!
  10. MulgraveNet. All the information about eFolios and key links are also posted under the MulgraveNet under G7-12 Student Life.

That’s enough to get you going. The eFolio should be a fun, enriching and rewarding way to explore, find or create your place in the world. Go play! Chance the World!

Antony Wilson
eFolio Coordinator

Head of Student Life | Global Education & Outreach

Mulgrave Goes from Me to We


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