In my tunnel book I included many pictures that bring back family memories and memories with friends. I have a picture of my family on there because my family is important to me and I care about them. I have a little miss naughty sticker to represent my little sister who can be very naughty at times. The hearts on the bottom represent close friends from my old school or that I used to be friends with. The three nail polish bottles represent 3 of my closest friends Celina, Emma and Nicole. I chose nail polish bottles because that’s setting we all love to do together. The crab, bet and turtles represent when I was in Hawaii with my family. Late at night we went out and caught crabs and turtles in the dark then made s’mores by the camp fire out on the beach. The dog bones represent the time we dig sat our cousins dog Buddy and he ran away. we were chasing after him all around the neighbourhood. The snowflakes represent my old whistler cabin. We always went up there as a family and went tubing or skiing then after went and got beaver tails and hot chocolate when it was cold. The cookies and cupcakes represent the baking I love to do as well as the basket ball and volleyball represent two of my favourite sports. Lastly the frisbee and ball represent what I do with my dad brother and sister every Sunday. We go up to the park and all play a bunch of sports together and have a fun time. I have many pictures and stickers on my tunnel book that bring back so many wonderful and happy times that I have had with so many different people.