Throughout the year I felt like collaboration is the learning outcomes that I find the most interesting and relevant to my experiences. As the CAS shown,  I have done both jazz band and concert band. I am the bass player for both band and bass is in rhyme section. The rhyme section requires me to collaborate with the whole band in a steady beat. It also helps me to develop listening skill in music in order to work with the whole band. I learned the most from my teaching my little brother playing the piano. I learned to be patient and generous when teaching a comparably little age kid and during the learning I reviewed many piano skills that I forgot long time ago. Teaching my brother also enhanced the relationship between us since I was gone for two years in US. I really enjoyed teaching my brother. I still have some problems for my service CAS for next year, but I will find something to do during the summer vacation.  I will keep doing all the activities in grade 11 and I will add more activities including school sports like basketball or badminton next year. The personal project is one of the most memorable excerpt in my CAS because this is my first time learning how to cook traditional Sichuan cuisine.