At the start of grade 11, I entered the IB Diploma. I realized that my spare time was limited due to the heavy school work as well as maintaining all the activities I participated. In order to fulfill my schoolwork and my x-country, I talked to the coach about my busy study time so I was not able to participate in some races. I also started to go to gym once or twice a week depending on my schoolwork to exercise to keep my body healthy and strong. However, my exercise pattern stopped temporality during the review time for my final exam. I will continue to exercise after the exam is over.

My activity in arts, particularly in music, continues in both jazz band and concert band. The jazz band size has grown larger in number this year which means that we would be able to play more complex pieces. Our performance during Christmas concert was decent but it still required many improvement, and with continuos practices, we had a wonderful performance in the Jazz festival in Whistler. Though I got less time practicing bass at home due to the heavy school work, I tried my best to attend every rehearsal to keep up with the band performance. I will love to continue jazz band and concert band next year.

This year attended a local community service group called West Vancouver Youth Advisory Council (YAC), an organization that helps raise awareness about local politics among the local youth. Before joining the group, I was unaware of the local political system just like all the other youth. After meeting with all the group member who was passionate about raising awareness of local politics among youth, I gained many knowledge about the local politics and realized the potential of youth in making changes in the political system. However, we couldn’t find a intriguing way of helping youth to understand the complex political system. In order to have a better understanding of local politics, we attended several real council meeting in the West Vancouver Municipal Hall. With the knowledge and understanding of local politics, we presented a mock council meeting among youth during the youth week.  I believe that more efforts can be put in to raise the awareness of local politics among youth and with more preparation we can do better next year.