Due to the heavy schoolwork, I wasn’t an active member in jazz band and concert band. I tried to attend every rehearsal and performance in school, but sometimes I just couldn’t wake up in someĀ mornings to go to the concert band practices. Thus, I tried to use every minutes I had at home to practice bass instead of relaxing in order to be able to perform with the band together. Our performance during the Christmas concert was acceptable, and I believe our band will sound better if I got more time to practice and attend more rehearsal. After the winter vacation my spare time had reduced significantly due to the upcoming IB exams and all the written assignment hand-in due date. I had to temporarily stopped my activities in music and focus on my study. My passion toward music still exists in my heart, but I have to put aside some of my favorite activities and focus on my study. Music has already became part of my life and I will continue my interest as soon as all the exams are over. I really look forward to the university life that I will be able to have more spare time to spend on my own interests.