From the past 2 years of IB Diploma, I have encountered many problems and challenges. One of the most complicated problems for me is time management. At first I was overwhelmed by the heavy schoolwork at the start of grade 11 years, and it took me 2 months to figure out the most efficient way of studying for myself and how to balance the time between study and all the other activities. I believe I could carry the study habit I have developed during these two years to the university and I will be able to both study and attend all other activities with proper time management.

However, I realized due to the heavy study in IB Diploma, I have reduced many exercise and sport time to  my study. This year I didn’t have time to participate in the x-country team and I went to the gym and exercised once a week if there were no big assignment or exams. However, I still believed that my exercise time was limited for this year. I will definitely resume my sports activity as soon as all the exams are over.

Continuing with the West Vancouver Youth Advisory Committee, we helped with an project called “Give me five.” “Give me five” is an activity to give youth an opportunity to present their thought about local politics on the stage. It was interesting to communicate with younger people and listened to their thought of local politics. We both learned a lot from each other. Apart from “Give me five,” we also helped to hold the West Vancouver Council candidates discussion in the library. It was an valuable experience for me to really get involve in the local politics and listened to all the candidates’ idea of how to make the West Vancouver community a better place.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the two years of studying apart from all the late night cramping and the upcoming due dates. So in order to prevent those horrible things happen again in the future, I will make better time management between study and activities and keep my body fit and healthy through exercise.