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x-country reflection

The x-country season has ended last week. Though I tried my best to participate in all the races, I couldn’t go to all the races and practises due to some academic work. I have continued to do x-country for 3 years already, and I know from my heart that I am not a fast runner at all. However, I would never give up in the middle of any race, no matter how tiring it  is. I finished every single race I participated in and each time I tried to get faster and faster. However, this year since I didn’t have much time to join the practice so my result isn’t as good as I expected. So before the next year season starts, I am going to do more exercise and have a routine of running every week in order to improve my body strength and endurance and achieve a better result in next x-country season

Gym fitness Reflection

I personally feel this is the best unit out of all. It really challenged my sustainability of following the plan, and I tried my best to endure over all long period of time. However, the school work has crushed me and in the last couple months I haven’t exercise for a long time. I have tried to get some free time to go to the gym every week and get some work out. I tried to set a fixed time to go to the gym and so far it didn’t work out perfectly. I think I will do some more exercise over the weekend and during the vacation.


X-country reflection

The x-country season overall was very tough. Although the weather condition in Vancouver is warmer than Massachusetts in the beginning, when it entered October, the weather dropped by a lot. Since Vancouver is near the sea, the cold wind are constantly blowing throughout the days. There are also more mountains and uphill to run in x-country race, which is difficult for me since I am not a great uphill runner. I made it through the season with a steady pace among the race, and I think if I join in x-country next year, my pace will be even faster.

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