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Jazz Band Reflection 2

Our senior school jazz band attended the Jazz Festival in Whistler last weekend. Overall, the Jazz festival is an unique experience for me. Apart from living with my friend in a hotel room, I have met up with many excellent school jazz band from all over the Canada. I was fascinated by all the performances from different school, especially the giant concert  band coming from the United States. The concert band coming from United States had an excellent performance in a very professional complex piece. Seeing all those performances, I realized that I needed more practices to master my skill in double bass and electric bass. Our jazz band performance went well as well, and we were lucky to have an professional Jazz instructor to help us to play better after the performance.

Concert band reflection 1

The Christmas performance for concert band went really well. We performed only one song called “”. It is a collection of different Christmas Carol and is rearranged by the composer named “”. Though I wasn’t really familiar with all the Carol that was played in this piece, I could still feel the happy and celebrating emotion from the music. Overall, I enjoyed the this year’s Christmas performance.

Jazz Band Reflection 1

The Jazz band performed in the fall fusion yesterday. We played three song at the end of the concert and I played two of them for bass. The first song I played has a steady beat and I have all the percussion part playing with me, but I need more practise at home for certain part of the song in order to be more articulate. The second song I played wasn’t very successful because the bass amplifier doesn’t work for the whole song so that I didn’t make any sound for the whole song. I was very disappointed and I am going to check my gears in advance and I hope the school can fix the problems with the bass amplifier.

Concert band video



Concert Band Reflection 1

Our concert band is practicing several interesting pieces, but the participation is still a problem because every times there are some people absent. Our music-reading skill is pretty decent, so it is easy for us to pick up a new song quickly, but we messed up some harmony and beats in the middle. More practices are needed in concert band and I need work on my double bass part because there are couples of high notes that is hard for me to pay on a double bass. Overall all our concert bank is improving and I will try to get up in the morning and get to the practices on time.

Personal Project Pictures






Personal Project Reflection

The topic I picked for the personal project is to learn how to cook traditional Chinese food from my dad. This is related to the global context culture expression because China is famous of its traditional food from different provinces. There are many different types of cuisines, and what I am going to learn from my dad is one of the most famous Chinese cuisine-Sichuan Cuisine. The Sichuan cuisine has been inherited for thousands of years and it is wild known around China. My dad is really good at cooking and he learned all of the cooking when he was in my age, so I decided to inherit this tradition as for a preparation for my future independent college life and learning about my culture in a different perspective. One of the reasons that China has so many different types of cuisine are China has a wide range of land which includes different climates and ethnic groups and those variables create all of the cuisines. For this project I am going to learn to cook lots of my favorite dishes from my dad and I am going to prepare for a dinner for my family and friends as the final product. The resources I am looking for are most likely be in Chinese, but I will translate to English in the end. Besides some online resources, I am also going to focus couple episodes from a tv shows that is popular in China called A bite of China that talks about all kinds of traditional food around china. I am going to research about general ideas about Sichuan cuisine and I am going to do some specific deeper research on some dishes I am going to learn in order to get a culture context. My ultimate goal is going to make a deal for my family and they are going to do a survey to determine my cooking skill. But before doing all of these, I need to do some research about sichuan cuisine and Chinese traditional seasoning such as salt, pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, oil, and so on. In order to gather all those information, I need to read some recipe books and I am going to learn cooking from my dad. I am also going to watch a Chinese documentary called A bite of China. This documentary introduced various Chinese traditional food in each episodes and there is one episode that specifically talking about sichuan cuisine. After the research I am going to practice some simple sichuan traditional dishes everyday with my dad before dinner. About 1 week or 2 I am going to practice making a dinner for my family on Sunday night and I am going to make the real one with the survey done on the next Sunday. For the scoring for teachers I am going to pack some food the day before I hand in the PP project and teachers can have a taste of my food. I am also making a recipe book for all the delicious food I make in order to demonstrate the process of making Sichuan traditional cuisine. I used various resources during my research. Firstly I checked several online recipe websites and use it as a reference for my cooking. And I watched all the episodes of A bite of China to learn about the history and origin of Sichuan Traditional cuisine. Besides all the information that was gathered online and from the tv shows, I need more practical support and experience. Both my dad and my grandmother helped me a lot during the project. They first started to show some cooking skill such as holding a knives, using wok, or washing vegetables. Then during the practice trial they were always helping me when I was cooking. Sometimes the recipe didn’t tell the exact amount of soy sauce or salt to put, and my dad and my grandmother will tell me some tricks about the amount spice to put in that will eventually make the Sichuan Traditional Flavor. The online resource is incredibly unreliable because it doesn’t have enough detail so that I don’t know what to do with it. I mostly rely on my dad and my grandmother and they were one of the most useful resources for cooking. The research did affected my project a little bit. After the research I realized Sichuan Traditional Cuisine has so many things to cover that a dinner is not enough to cover up the cultural context. So I decided to make a cookbook in addition to represent the cultural elements that won’t be covered in my cooking.


Jazz Band Reflection 1

The Christmas concert went well this year. Our Jazz band played two songs in this concert– hot chocolate and here comes Santa. We had practiced this piece for two month and Lucas really did a great job in his solo section. As a bass player, I kept the beats steady and hot chocolate piece was really challenging because the tempo is really fast and the notes are short and quick. I wasn’t able to practice the piece at home because I didn’t have an electric bass at home. I will buy one during winter break so that I can have more practice back home and get more ready for the weekly rehearsal.

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