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West Vancouver YAC final reflection

For the past two years, I have been the co-chair of the West Vancouver Youth Advisory Council (YAC), an organization that helps raise awareness about local politics among the local youth. As one of the team leaders, I realized that we needed to gain some expertise about local politics. With the agreement of Councillor Booth, a District of West Vancouver council member and consultant to our team, I implemented a schedule to attend council meetings in order to have a direct insight to how government works. At first, we found the language and protocols in a district council meeting very complex, and it took us a few visits to fully understand them. Using this unique experience, our team wrote a script that mimics the actual council meeting and presented a ‘youth council meeting’ during Youth Week in order to demonstrate our mission statement and initiatives to the youth of our community. During the meeting we addressed strategies to expose more youth to the importance of local politics and various other issues that were raised by the attendees.

Continuing our purpose of raising awareness of local politics among youth, our team obtained an opportunity to hold up an important local political event: the all- candidates meeting for electing a new councillor. We invited all the candidates of council to our local library to meet up with people in our community. But before the candidates came, we asked people attending this meeting to form a small discussion group to generate some questions that they wanted to ask their candidates. I was happy to see that not only adults, but also many youths around my age, attended the meeting and joined in the conversation with strangers of different age groups. With the collaboration of youths and adults, we actually produced many interesting questions that helped us to learn about the perspectives of each candidate.

We also helped with an project called “Give me five.” “Give me five” is an activity to give youth an opportunity to present their thought on the stage. I helped with the script and the content of the presentation of one of the member about the importance cultural diversity in Canada. By helping the member to make the presentation, I have realized that this project is also another way of raising the awareness about local politics through the voice of youth. The presentation went well during the Youth appreciation award though I was not able to attend due to the IB exam.

I believe that every small step in engaging our youth in politics will make our community a better place, and we are striving to create even more initiatives for the coming year.

West Vancouver YAC pictures

Food safety conference reflection

In order to prepare for a future community service project called “Envision Vancouver,” I attended the food safety conference in the Vancouver Science World. Overall the conference delivers some interesting idea about food safety. The staff invited an organic farmland owner to introduce his way of producing green organic product. Besides that, the audience asked many interesting questions about food safety and farmland which helps me to recognize the importance of food safety and the environmental issues occurring around the world.

West Vancouver Youth advisory Council Final Reflection

This Monday the Youth advisory council arrange a youth council meeting in West Vancouver community center. YAC is an organization that helps raise awareness about local politics among youth. As the co-chair of the team, I realized that our team needed to gain some expertise about local government and the politics in order to inform the youth in our community. We are lucky to have Councillor Booth, a District of West Vancouver council member, as a consultant of our team, providing us with mentorship. As well, our team has attended several council meetings  in order to have a direct perspective of how government works. Using this unique experience, we presented a “youth council meeting” during Youth Week in order to demonstrate our initiatives and purpose to the youth of our community. This is one small step in engaging our youth in politics and we are striving for more initiatives for the coming year.

Teaching Reflection

I taught my brother to play the piano at home every week. He had a piano teacher who would leave some homework and songs for my brother to practice, and sometimes he doesn’t know how to play some songs and needs some help from others. I voluntarily helped my brother in various ways. I first showed him how to play the song, then coached him over and go through all the new songs with him. However sometimes my brother doesn’t follow my instruction since he was kind of in the mood. I should be more patient and kind while coaching him, and I shouldn’t be rushing the practice hour although I had a lot of homework to do

Costa Rica Pictures

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Costa Rica Reflection

The trip to Costa Rica was a culture shot for me. I have experienced a different life in Costa Rica, that living so close to the ocean and attending work for building hatchery for turtles every morning and night. Although I didn’t see many turtles which was the purpose of this community service trip, I felt I learned a lot about turtles from the staffs in Costa Rica. Coming back with tiredness and exhaustion, I have also gained a wonderful memories of the beautiful view that I saw in Costa Rica.

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