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Concert band reflection 1

The Christmas performance for concert band went really well. We performed only one song called “”. It is a collection of different Christmas Carol and is rearranged by the composer named “”. Though I wasn’t really familiar with all the Carol that was played in this piece, I could still feel the happy and celebrating emotion from the music. Overall, I enjoyed the this year’s Christmas performance.

Jazz Band Reflection 1

The Jazz band performed in the fall fusion yesterday. We played three song at the end of the concert and I played two of them for bass. The first song I played has a steady beat and I have all the percussion part playing with me, but I need more practise at home for certain part of the song in order to be more articulate. The second song I played wasn’t very successful because the bass amplifier doesn’t work for the whole song so that I didn’t make any sound for the whole song. I was very disappointed and I am going to check my gears in advance and I hope the school can fix the problems with the bass amplifier.

x-country reflection

The x-country season has ended last week. Though I tried my best to participate in all the races, I couldn’t go to all the races and practises due to some academic work. I have continued to do x-country for 3 years already, and I know from my heart that I am not a fast runner at all. However, I would never give up in the middle of any race, no matter how tiring it  is. I finished every single race I participated in and each time I tried to get faster and faster. However, this year since I didn’t have much time to join the practice so my result isn’t as good as I expected. So before the next year season starts, I am going to do more exercise and have a routine of running every week in order to improve my body strength and endurance and achieve a better result in next x-country season

CAS plan 2015

Category Activity Learning outcome
Activity(Major) X-country Self Awareness
Activity(Minor) Gym Self Awareness, Exploration, New Skills
Creativity(Major) Jazz Band Self Awareness, Collaboration, Commitment
Creativity(Major) Concert Band Self Awareness, Collaboration, Commitment
Service(Major) West Vancouver Youth Advisory  Self Awareness, Collaboration, Commitment
Service(Minor) Math tutoring Collaboration, Commitment, “Global” impact, Ethics


Final CAS reflection

Throughout the year I felt like collaboration is the learning outcomes that I find the most interesting and relevant to my experiences. As the CAS shown,  I have done both jazz band and concert band. I am the bass player for both band and bass is in rhyme section. The rhyme section requires me to collaborate with the whole band in a steady beat. It also helps me to develop listening skill in music in order to work with the whole band. I learned the most from my teaching my little brother playing the piano. I learned to be patient and generous when teaching a comparably little age kid and during the learning I reviewed many piano skills that I forgot long time ago. Teaching my brother also enhanced the relationship between us since I was gone for two years in US. I really enjoyed teaching my brother. I still have some problems for my service CAS for next year, but I will find something to do during the summer vacation.  I will keep doing all the activities in grade 11 and I will add more activities including school sports like basketball or badminton next year. The personal project is one of the most memorable excerpt in my CAS because this is my first time learning how to cook traditional Sichuan cuisine.

Teaching Reflection

I taught my brother to play the piano at home every week. He had a piano teacher who would leave some homework and songs for my brother to practice, and sometimes he doesn’t know how to play some songs and needs some help from others. I voluntarily helped my brother in various ways. I first showed him how to play the song, then coached him over and go through all the new songs with him. However sometimes my brother doesn’t follow my instruction since he was kind of in the mood. I should be more patient and kind while coaching him, and I shouldn’t be rushing the practice hour although I had a lot of homework to do

Gym fitness Reflection

I personally feel this is the best unit out of all. It really challenged my sustainability of following the plan, and I tried my best to endure over all long period of time. However, the school work has crushed me and in the last couple months I haven’t exercise for a long time. I have tried to get some free time to go to the gym every week and get some work out. I tried to set a fixed time to go to the gym and so far it didn’t work out perfectly. I think I will do some more exercise over the weekend and during the vacation.


Costa Rica Pictures

IMG_1052 IMG_1100 IMG_1257

Costa Rica Reflection

The trip to Costa Rica was a culture shot for me. I have experienced a different life in Costa Rica, that living so close to the ocean and attending work for building hatchery for turtles every morning and night. Although I didn’t see many turtles which was the purpose of this community service trip, I felt I learned a lot about turtles from the staffs in Costa Rica. Coming back with tiredness and exhaustion, I have also gained a wonderful memories of the beautiful view that I saw in Costa Rica.

Concert band video



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