Spring Break

Spring was okay. A few days of it was essay writing, but I am happy that I wrote some good essays. It wasn’t that fun, though. And then came my dad, resulting in eating outside often. Then we went to Whistler, which was okay. The tubing park was not the best, but the wind when sliding down was quite remarkable. The rest of it was just walking on snow, dragging the huge tubes along.

Skiing was fun. There were a lot of little jumping ramps on the slopes. Also, it was neither too cold nor too hot, so it was nice. But waiting in the lines for the chairlifts was not that fun. Sometimes, the lane would be slightly sloped and I would just slide forward, which meant that I had to use my ski poles to support my entire weight and stop myself because doing the A-stop would take up too much space. My wrists hurt from doing that. But the skiing part was fun, and I’m glad that none of us got hurt from the trip. Then we came back to West Vancouver, and I proceeded to draw and go on social media (coughmostlyinstagramcough). Then, it was over.

Ahahahha, I know this sucked, but please do understand. I’m unable to put in enough effort to clearly remember the “highs” and the “lows” of spring break.

Ah, and there’s another post coming. 🙂


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