Percussion Ensemble

Percussion ensemble is my Wednesday elective, and it is a minor Creativity commitment for me.

We play percussion instruments, and the recent few classes were fun, because of the new marimba and the big vibraphone. Also, we’re playing actually pieces with melodies now. Fun FUn! 🙂 And I feel like my rhythm, sight reading skills, and percussion skills have improved a lot throughout the year. I would have liked to play more of the drumset, but maybe in the future, we will.

I’m looking forward to the 2nd annual Percussion Olympics! But I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna win, since this is only my first year of play percussion instruments and such. But it’s for fun, and looking back on my improvements.

Although this elective was pretty okay and very chill, I’m probably not going to join Percussion Ensemble next year.

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