There are many things that represent me on my tunnel book. I put some food like a chocolate cake, Ferrero Rocher, unagi, and pizza because all of these are my favourite types of food. The YouTube logo and the picture of Freddie Wong represents my favourite YouTuber and my hobby of watching YouTube videos. I also have a picture of Ellen Degeneres because she is my favourite comedian and I love watching her shows. The pictures on the back which are a Korean flag, Mulgrave School logo, Bugatti Veyron, and me. All of these pictures shows who I am in general because I am a Korean named Ji Sang who goes to Mulgrave School and love cars especially Bugatti Veyron. The picture of Usain Bolt represents my passion for sprinting. The photo of an iPad represents how I am technologically logical about iPads. The photo of the basketball and the soccer ball shows that I love sports especially soccer and basketball. The pi represents my love of math and how I am talented. Next, the photo of the brushless Sunfire, pencils, and sword shows my passion for RC cars and that I enjoy designing and drawing swords. Finally, the picture of Modern Combat 4 and the drum represents my favourite game on the iPad and my love of music.

Ji Sang You