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  1. Final Reflection

    May 19, 2017 by Jisoo

    During the grade 11-12 years, I have made several Service, Action and Creativity commitments that led to personal growth and contributed to my local community.

    My Arts Council and Heads Up Peer Advisor commitments gave me leadership opportunities and collaborative skills, as well as knowledge on arts and mental health, while promoting arts related activities at school and helping raise awareness of mental health in the local community.

    Activities which I participated in, including fitness, squash and skateboarding, contributed to my personal growth, through facing physical challenges in trying to improve my skills. It also helped me get in shape and become healthier.

    My major commitment through the years has been in Creativity. I had been a part of Choir (Chamber Choir in grade 11) since grade 8, have been playing piano for several years and went to Harmony House for singing and performing experiences which I continued during grade 11 and 12. I also went to Art Studio 4 days a week on average in order to help create my university portfolio as well as build artistic skills, including using Photoshop, Illustrator, acrylic painting and so on.

    During my 7 years at Mulgrave, I have experienced significant amount of changes and growth, some which I regret and some which I am happy about. There were many conflicts I experienced within my self regarding cultural identity and in coming to be able to voice myself as I am without worrying about how I may be perceived due to my racial and cultural identity and differences, particularly in my second language. The struggles I had as an extroverted child was was forced to be silent for the first several years, changed me into a more introverted person. However, I am somewhat thankful for these experiences that I have had, as they have become subjects which I very often use to express in my artworks. Also, I am very thankful for the the teachers that I interacted with at Mulgrave and the quality of education that Mulgrave provided to be that spurred my interest in subjects, such as Visual Art, ESS and TOK which I would like to pursue in learning more and apply to my life.

    This summer, I will finally buy a camera, which I have wanted for many years but could not because of the cost, and pursue my passion for photography. My goal for the following year is to get into a habit of constantly making sketches and drawing in my sketchbook whenever I can in order to improve my drawing skills.

    I am extremely excited to be attending SVA(School of Visual Art) next year in New York City, where I will receive more focused education on an area of study which I am interested in from professors, most of whom are also working artists in New York.

  2. DP-CAS eFolio Plan

    May 15, 2017 by Jisoo


  3. DP-CAS eFolio Final Report

    May 15, 2017 by Jisoo

  4. Action Commitments: Fitness and Skateboarding

    May 15, 2017 by Jisoo


    For 6 months, from the summer of 2016, I have registered a gym membership at Steve Nash Fitness World. For the first month, I got personal training for strength, then I went the the gym every Sunday morning, where I did cardio and strength workouts I learned during personal training.



    Last summer, on her visit to Vancouver, my sister bought a skateboard, which she planned to bring back to her university but decided not to. I had learnt to skateboard in grade 4-5, but my skateboard was thrown away when I moved to a new home, when getting rid of unnecessary loads. For this reason, I was excited to try skateboarding again when the skateboard was left behind. Since the summer, I have gone skateboarding around my neighborhood often in the weekends.

  5. Leadership/ Service Commitments : Grade 11-12

    May 15, 2017 by Jisoo

    During the grade 11 and 12 years, I have contributions to two leadership teams: Arts Council and Heads Up Peer Advisors.

    I have been a part of Arts Council since grade 9 and made many leadership contributions, which helped me become a part of the Executive Arts Council Team in grade 11. As one of the seniors members, along with 2 other grade 11s, I worked on organizing meetings and events. In the beginning of the year, we organized events that will be happening throughout the year, and each took charge of a role in leading the meetings, including sending emails, taking attendance, taking notes during meeting, etc. I was in charge of general leading of the meetings, informing younger members of new information and tasks that need to be done.

    Each members of arts council signed up to organize two events during the year, with one grade 10 or 11 member leading each event and 2-3 younger members helping. The events which I mainly contributed to were Zoom film festival, Open Mic, School Play set-up and clean-up and DP art night ushering. For Zoom film festival, we designed the ice sculpture, designed the brochure, set up concession stands and gathered ushers. I organize Open Mic in collaboration with Human Rights Club, as a Christmas event. I contacted the faculty to set up the stage and sits, make poster and promote the event through announcements and emails. For the school play, I only helped for the set up and clean-up. For DP art night, I organized the ushers.

    At the end of the year to beginning of grade 12, the grade 11s worked on passing on information to new team members and younger grades, as well as guiding the new grade 11 leaders through their transition into leadership roles. In grade 12, due to heavy school workloads and university applications, grade 12s were merely helpers.



    I have been a part of Heads Up Peer Advisors since its beginning in grade 10. Because we were still at the stage of planning and organizing how the group will work and what our focus was, only at the middle of grade 11 year we had a direction. Through the year, however, through open discussions in meetings and guest speakers, I acquired Knowledge on Gender studies (spectrum, gender expression, identity, equality). We also worked towards general promotion of Mental health awareness at school. In the beginning of grade 12, our group signed up to become a part of’s chapter, as part of a national network of students working to change the way we think about mental health. We work within our school to shift negative attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors around mental health, so we can create a safer, more supportive community. This is done through bringing guest speakers on different topics to school and holding school events related to mental health as well as protecting the rights of LGBTQ+, for example, this year’s Spirit Week was on LGBTQ+, which turned out very successfully.

  6. Kwangju Massacre

    May 18, 2016 by Jisoo

    5.18: it has been exactly 36 years, since the Kwangju Movement for Democracy.

    1980 May, People of Kwangju, just like ones of most central cities of South Korea, were marching in peace for the democracy of S. Korea from the dictatorship of Jun Duhwan.

    Mostly universities students, along with professors, followed by other Kwangju citizens, the peaceful protest continued.

    On 1980.05.18, a day after the United States Army Military Government in Korea declared emergency martial law as a result of the uprising, armed forces stood restricting the entry to all universities, followed by the government’s order to close all schools.

    Angered by this proclamation and the closure of schools, students of Junnam University, Kwangju, protested against the martial law forces, unarmed, marching on the Geum-nam street. As a response, armed forces arrived and assaulted the people at Geum-nam street, which resulted in a death of an innocent citizen, who was beaten to death.

    On May 19th, angered at the atrocity and the violence, the number of protester grew into thousands, with addition of most male citizens of Kwangju, as well as a few females. With many high school students participating in the manifestation, the government ordered the closure of all high schools of Kwang-ju on May 20th.

    With 200 thousand protesters marching, the army was pushed back for the first time, which is when the army equipped themselves with ammunition and fired. This massacre continued for the next 7 days, killing not only protesters but any spotted civilians of Kwangju, including children.

    The government completely isolated Kwangju from the rest of Korea, by cutting off all phone lines and using the press media, that falsely reported these fighters for democracy as mobs from North Korean forces.

    The citizens gathered guns, blood and food sources and continued the fight. The demands of these militia were obvious essential rights:  apology for the excessive repression by the military and compensations for the victims, abstain from post retaliation, release of martial law and finally establishing a true democratic government.

    However, the army, using destructive military weapons such as tanks, helicopters, and massacred and gradually closed in on Kwangju civilians into the downtown, finally repressing all Kwangju citizens. The 5.18 Democracy movement resulted in total 5,189 victims, 163 deaths, 166 missing, 101 deaths after injury, 3,139 wounded and 1,589 other casualties.

    The following was the words announced at the end of the subjugation by the government.

    “Report from Jeon-nam-do martial law forces. Six o’clock.- Current result of operation, there are no civilian casualties, 207 rebels captured, 2 deaths.

  7. Art Studio

    May 18, 2016 by Jisoo

    I changed my art studio in the summer of 2015 to another one in Downtown, and started going 4 times a week (4 hours each class). This is a big commitment for me, because I am going into Visual Arts, possibly, which requires a portfolio of art work, and going to an art studio provided me with a studio to work, and help from teachers. Because of the art studio, I am participating in the Sears Design competition, in which I am designing a food truck, using a 3 page presentation format, displaying overall exterior design and concept, detailed interior designs features and explanation, as well as location, clients, product details. Through this process, I have definitely gained a new level in using Photoshop and Illustrator, which will likely help me later on with future graphic design/ illustration art work.

    Going to the art studio also allowed me to meet and be around people with similar interests, which was very exciting and earned me many new friends and experiences.

  8. Singing and Piano

    May 18, 2016 by Jisoo

    For my creativity commitment, as well as for aiding my IB music performances, I have gotten singing and piano lesson throughout my grade 11 year, both around an hour a week. I chose and learned 2 pieces, Gymnopedie and New York State of Mind, as well as learning theory for half of the one hour classes. For singing lessons at Harmony House, I learned techniques, and sung Moon Glow, a jazz song, Lay me down by Sam Smith, Love by Keisha Cole, and many more. Last spring, Harmony House held a jazz night at White Spot in North Vancouver, in which I sang Moon Glow. For my IB music performance, I sang Dream a Little Dream, and played Gymnopedie on piano.

  9. CAS Goals

    September 23, 2015 by Jisoo

    Major Commitments:



    1. Van Art Class – 4 hours a day/ twice a week

    2. Piano Lessons – 2 hours a day/ once a week

    3. Harmony House Singing – 1 hour a day/ once a week

    4. Chamber Choir – 1.5 hours a day/ twice a week



    1. Taekwondo – 1 hour a day/ once a week

    2. Mulgrave Girl B- Basketball Team – 1.5 hours a day/ twice-three times a week



    1. Arts Council – meeting once a week/ one year commitment

    2. Heads Up Peer Advisor – around once every 2 weeks/ one year commitment

  10. Winter Break

    May 6, 2015 by Jisoo

    During the 2 weeks of the Winter Break, I visited my dad in Korea, first time in 3 years. This was also the first time I was travelling by a plane on my own. I first visited a Duty free shop and bought a box of chocolate for my aunt’s family who came to Canada with our family 7 years ago and had been living together for 2 years, then went back to Korea. When I arrived at the airport at 7:00 pm and was driving on the highway beside the river where our family used to go on a walk to, to the neighbourhood that I lived in my entire childhood in, I was completely overwhelmed with nostalgia and joy, especially because the view to the other side of the river was so beautiful. We first visited our aunt’s house. For 4 days, while my cousins were still going to school, I stayed with my aunt and she gave me a tour around places in Seoul, which I went to when I was young, but don’t remember. Then, on Christmas day, my dad and my aunt’s family went to my grandmother’s house on my mom’s side and spent time with my 3 years old counsin who I saw for the first time, and walked the street of Bucheon and went shopping with my uncle. The next day, I went to my dad’s house out of the city, where there was still a lot of snow. I spent the day just resting, working on my planning 10, looking around the house that my dad was building and looking at old photo albums. My dad took me with him on his work the next day showing me around different places. The next day, we went snowboarding to the ski resort that was 10 minute away  and snowboarded all day and then at 6 we went to the indoor water-park that was attached to the ski resort and used the sauna. The next day, I visited my grandmother’s house and stayed with my grandmother and grandfather all day. Then, it was New Years, so we woke up early in the morning and drove to the ocean to see the first sun of 2015 rising. The next day, my dad and I took the train to Seoul to go shopping at one of the biggest malls in Seoul, where there was a movie theater, amusement part, skating rink, many shops and restaurants and more. The next day, my aunt’s family came to our house to stay for a night and have barbecue, and go out together around the village. My cousins left early in the next morning to go to school and my dad and I went to a movie theater to watch a Korean film. On the last day, I visited my grandmother and my aunt once again for a goodbye and left for the airport with presents for my family.

    My time in Korea was the best time I had in the last 3 years and 2 weeks that I had were too short to visit every place that I always dreamed of going to while living in Canada. I really want to come back again soon if possible, when my sister graduates and visits Korea along with the rest of my family.

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