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Stand By Me

November 7, 2011 by Jisoo   

In the “Stand By Me” Workshop, we mainly learned about stories of the people who got bullied, how people feels when they are bullied, and different kinds of bullying and about it. This workshop had been a life changing lesson for probably most of the people including me. There I learned about many people who got bullied and committed suicide or ruin their life. We also talked about different kinds of bullying including racism, socially bullying, physical bullying and a lot more. Then we did a survey to see who thought they got bullied and it was very upsetting to see so many people had felt bullied in our class in just few weeks. Then we had a session when everyone wrote I they felt or would feel if they got bullied; there were many words like hated, embarrassed, belittled and a lot more. We also had a session when we apologized to each other in the class for when they did something that made the other fee like bullied, and I was actually surprised and glad to see how much people wanted to apologize and say something to lots of people. I think that doing this workshop would changed lots of people’s life.

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  1. Betsy Liu says:

    Great job 🙂 lol

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