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What I Might Be

May 13, 2012 by Jisoo   

Three careers that interests me includes; architect, animal care/service worker and preschool/ kindergarten teacher.

First of all, the career that I am very passionate to be is an architect. I always wanted to be a architect since I was very little, and I still do. I love art, mostly designing. I have a book of all the designs I made, of clothing  interior of houses and exterior of houses. I even made lots of models of houses that I wanted to build when I do become a architect. When I showed my dad the models, my dad was suprised to see how good it was and he wanted me to give him the designs for him to build, since he works with building, selling and lending buildings. Though, I never really gave it to him. I searched many universities I wanted to go with good architect classes. The problem was, when I read a book about being an architect, it said that to be an architect, you have to take lots of tests and study for many years in university. Also, my mom told me that being an architect is a hard job that takes up lot of energy. But even when I heard that, I wanted to be an architect. I was always passionate about designing buildings and I will always be.

Another job that I would also like to be, is an animal care and service worker. I really love animals and I would love to work with them. I saw lots of videos of people taking care of poor animals on Youtube, and I’ve always wanted to help them, too. Also, I would always love to be helpful to animals, those in need of help.

I have a cousin who is now 5. Since when he was a baby, every time we visited uncle’s house, I took care of him, and he really liked being with me. I played with him when he was bored and read books to him. I really enjoyed being with him and I felt so proud every time he did something good and when he learned something from me, as if I was actually his mom. I like being with little kids and it really makes me proud if they like me. Also, last year in grade 6, we had buddies from preschool. My buddy was a little girl, who is also a 5 years old now. Just like my cousin, she really liked me and every time I was leaving, she hugged me and wouldn’t let me go. I was really moved. I am good with little kids and I like being with them and when someone learns something from me, I get really proud of myself which is why I would love to work with kids and be a teacher; a preschool teacher.

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  1. Mr. Cusbert says:

    A great e-folio blog entry, Ji Soo. Your writing was well organised and you explained your choices very well. Great job.

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