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Action Commitments: Fitness and Skateboarding

May 15, 2017 by Jisoo   


For 6 months, from the summer of 2016, I have registered a gym membership at Steve Nash Fitness World. For the first month, I got personal training for strength, then I went the the gym every Sunday morning, where I did cardio and strength workouts I learned during personal training.



Last summer, on her visit to Vancouver, my sister bought a skateboard, which she planned to bring back to her university but decided not to. I had learnt to skateboard in grade 4-5, but my skateboard was thrown away when I moved to a new home, when getting rid of unnecessary loads. For this reason, I was excited to try skateboarding again when the skateboard was left behind. Since the summer, I have gone skateboarding around my neighborhood often in the weekends.


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