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Final Reflection

May 19, 2017 by Jisoo   

During the grade 11-12 years, I have made several Service, Action and Creativity commitments that led to personal growth and contributed to my local community.

My Arts Council and Heads Up Peer Advisor commitments gave me leadership opportunities and collaborative skills, as well as knowledge on arts and mental health, while promoting arts related activities at school and helping raise awareness of mental health in the local community.

Activities which I participated in, including fitness, squash and skateboarding, contributed to my personal growth, through facing physical challenges in trying to improve my skills. It also helped me get in shape and become healthier.

My major commitment through the years has been in Creativity. I had been a part of Choir (Chamber Choir in grade 11) since grade 8, have been playing piano for several years and went to Harmony House for singing and performing experiences which I continued during grade 11 and 12. I also went to Art Studio 4 days a week on average in order to help create my university portfolio as well as build artistic skills, including using Photoshop, Illustrator, acrylic painting and so on.

During my 7 years at Mulgrave, I have experienced significant amount of changes and growth, some which I regret and some which I am happy about. There were many conflicts I experienced within my self regarding cultural identity and in coming to be able to voice myself as I am without worrying about how I may be perceived due to my racial and cultural identity and differences, particularly in my second language. The struggles I had as an extroverted child was was forced to be silent for the first several years, changed me into a more introverted person. However, I am somewhat thankful for these experiences that I have had, as they have become subjects which I very often use to express in my artworks. Also, I am very thankful for the the teachers that I interacted with at Mulgrave and the quality of education that Mulgrave provided to be that spurred my interest in subjects, such as Visual Art, ESS and TOK which I would like to pursue in learning more and apply to my life.

This summer, I will finally buy a camera, which I have wanted for many years but could not because of the cost, and pursue my passion for photography. My goal for the following year is to get into a habit of constantly making sketches and drawing in my sketchbook whenever I can in order to improve my drawing skills.

I am extremely excited to be attending SVA(School of Visual Art) next year in New York City, where I will receive more focused education on an area of study which I am interested in from professors, most of whom are also working artists in New York.


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