My Term 2 Service Commitment

This term I will be volunteering at Pony Pals Riding Stables in Delta, BC. Pony Pals Stables are home of the Pony Pals Therapeutic Riding Association. PPTRA helps disabled riders, mostly children, to ride horses as a form of therapy. The stables also hold regular riding lessons for english style riding. My jobs at the stables vary from grooming horses and picking hooves, to helping the riders have a pleasant experience. There are other volunteers that help out around the barn. We all complete tasks such as grooming, feeding, taking the horses for walks or grazing, tacking, leading, side walking, untacking, and helping the riders with various activities. Occasionally, the coaches are not available for lessons, so the other volunteers and I assist the children with hands on activities such as grooming the horses. I am excited to make new friends with the other volunteers, and I am already starting to develop new relationships with the riders as well.

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