My Summer

This summer I did a lot of really fun things with some really amazing people. I went to a summer camp with one of my groups of friends, and it’s kind of tradition for us to go to this camp every year. I also went to another summer camp that I go to every summer, but this time I brought a lot more friends along with me. I have to say, it is sort of weird in the beginning to be mixing my friend groups. But by the end of the week we were all really good friends. These camps are one of the best experiences of my summers every year by far. I love all of the activities that we can participate in like archery, dock jumping, tubing, sailing, wake boarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, high ropes, low ropes, canoeing, kayaking, and so many more. Summer camps have really helped me to be more social and step out of my comfort zone if only even a little bit. Each summer, another tradition I have with my group of friends and family, is going up to Penticton for a week in the summer. Penticton is a small city in the Okanagan Valley (near Kelowna). There are so many fun things to do; henna tattoos, more dock jumping, farmers markets, doing touristy activities, wineries to follow your parents around in, extensive beaches to just lay in the sand and tan. The things I look forward to the most in Penticton are going down the river channel, which is essentially a dam-fed river that you float down, and getting to see some of my closest friends that I can only see once a year. I love all my summer experiences, and I don’t regret a thing.

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