My 2014-15 Goals

This year I plan to do better academically, physically, socially, and mentally. I want to get E’s in all of my classes this year. To achieve this, I will bring all of my materials to my classes, finish all homework and assignments, not get distracted during class by talking, or just not paying attention.  I also want to try to score a 5 in some of my classes this year. To improve physically I will be on time for sports games and practices so that I have a substantial amount of time to warm up so I do not injure myself by tearing or straining any muscles. I will also run hard and work without complaints during practices.  I will try to eat healthier or at least try to eat a substantial amount of every food group to keep a healthy diet. To improve socially, I will try to talk to new people more often to make friends. I will be more open to talking to new people and introducing them to my current friends. To improve mentally, I will try to keep a constant positive attitude towards trying new things, or just anything.