Things that I’ve learned

In UOI I learned that there are food moulds too. Some good moulds include fermentation moulds, antibiotic moulds, and cheese moulds. In math, I learned that reciprocals were just the same fraction, but switching the denominator and the numerator around. I also learned that when dividing fractions, you can find the reciprocal and then use multiplication instead; also remembering to use cross cancelation.

The significant knowledge that I used to become a more internationally minded person/ student was that I learn Mandarin as a second language to open myself to the opportunities available in order to make myself more internationally minded.


Explain everything presentation key concepts

In my explain everything presentation, I included form, function, responsibility and I wanted to add causation and change.I used form when describing the parts of genes known as the exons and introns. I also used function when I explained that genes are just a recipe for proteins. AndI used responsibility while explaining our power as humans with scientific technology. What causes genes to morph between races? Ex: if my father has blue eyes and my mother has brown eyes, but both my sister and I have brown eyes. So what causes my fathers blue eyed genes to disappear? Some babies are born with blue eyes, but then change into brown eyes. I was wondering how genes orchestrate this change?

Attitudes: the good kind

I am proud that I am committed and creative. I am committed to swimming, soccer, and improving my academics. I am proud of this because I attend all meetings and practices, I complete my homework on time and correct, and I continue to work even when it is difficult.I am creative because I like to construct, destruct, and rebuild.
During grade three we had a unit on construction, and I learned a lot about building techniques and how to build a reliable building. If I could draw or paint, I would definitely do it more often. I am always trying to find new ways to express myself.

I feel that I need to work on my enthusiasm and confidence. I will improve my enthusiasm by trying to smile as much as I can, trying to talk to people more often, and to change my attitude to think more positively.I will try to be more confident by not having anything to hide. Being true to myself and others by not having lies hang over me like a dark cloud. By accomplishing everything on time because having nothing left to hand in or work on makes everyone happy and confident. Confidence is being proud of what you can do and not being worried about what I cannot do.