Math Test Reflection

I enjoyed when we were learning about multiplying and dividing decimals. I enjoyed this because this concept, I thought, was the most useful in the outside world. I found it challenging when we had to convert fractions into decimals using long devision. I thought this was challenging because when placing the decimal point, I placed zeros where they were not needed. I now understand how to add decimals together, and how to multiply decimals by whole number not by the power of ten. This unit connected with multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and fractions. I feel that i did well on my math test; better than any previous tests. I spent more time studying and trying harder to understand the concepts. I often became distracted while studying, so I could work on finding an environment to focus in. If I were to do any follow up work, I would work on rounding to one and two decimal points of a million and thousands.