Sumerian architecture presentation reflection

Our Sumerian architecture project was a group project and I was lucky to have been in a group with two phenomenon partners, Monray and Victoria. They were good friends of mine, so cooperation was extremely easy for us. There were seven subjects to choose from to study, they were architecture, art, warfare, technology, government, religion, and trade. My group’s top choice was art, but when that was taken, we decided on architecture. I enjoyed doing practically everything, but one thing I really enjoyed doing was researching on how Sumerians irrigated water with levees and turned nature’s power for their own use. I feel like my group’s research was very solid, and we organized the info quite well. As proud as I am of this presentation, there are still a few things we could have done better. We went a bit over board with the animations on slides, and it took up way too much time, next time, we should really just go simple. Another thing I would do differently next time, is practice the script more. Over all, I think we did a great job.