Letter to the Editor

January 1st, 1751

Dear editor of the Babylonian Times,

As a merchant with a daughter nearly old enough for marriage, I think that law number 128, “If a man take a woman to wife, but have no intercourse with her, this woman is no wife to him” is both completely unjust and inhumanly. I would like to ask that the law is changed and justice is brought.

Firstly, marriage should really only happen when two are truly in love, but in our society, some are forced into marriage for money, power, status, or other reasons. Although my daughter will absolutely not be forced, when force is the reason of marriage, intercourse should not be expected to happen. Also, when a woman has already given up her status as a unmarried lady for life, but her husband later refuses to accept her, she would than gain the status of a divorced woman and have a spotted record of marriage. Finally, I strongly disagree with the rule because the wife has really done nothing wrong! She may have been the one fooled or forced, and law will still apply to her.

Overall, husbands that married for power or money may like this law, because it is so beneficial to them, but I once again firmly insist that this law is changed or taken away.

Phillipha Gad