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Every year it is a requirement from Mulgrave that we make goals, which I believe is great because it keeps you motivated to do better and gives you a purpose to why you are doing something. We are required to have academic goals and CAS (creative, action, service) goals. I think I have made goals that are achievable and fun to do during the duration I am achieve them. Here are my goals and how I’m going to achieve them

Academic Goals: 

  • stay caught up in all subjects –> make sure not to get to stressed and do stuff when needed
  • improve my essay skills in English –> ask for feedback and ways to improve
  • try to fully understand and if not get help in Math –> get help, study, homework
  • learn 100 more words in Spanish –> write down new words and practice

CAS Goals:

  • In Volleyball I want to be supportive and positive as well as once I am able to get my serve over 99% of the time learn to jump serve –> be as positive even when things fail and just keep practicing
  • For the play, Peter Pan this year I want to be learn and be the best stage manager I can –> help as much as you can, make sure everyone is somewhat happy
  • Immerse myself into MUN this year and go to my first conference –> research committees, go to meetings, try my best

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Hey! My name is Katherine O’Brien and I am now in grade 12. My birthday is May 12, 1999 which means I am 18. I am been at Mulgrave since kindergarten and I have been loving every second of it. I find love in all things Film, TV and Music and you will often find me on Netflix when I’m not in school, doing homework or doing other activities. Outside of school I play Volleyball and Basketball. Since I’m in grade 12 we need to know what to do, I definitely want to get into the Film or Theatre Industry because I have a major love of Film and Television as well as backstage production. I find myself a very odd and humorous person and you will always see me laughing or dancing because I like to make a fool of myself.

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