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Peter Pan has been a crazy ride since October! I have spent many many hours working behind the scenes on Peter Pan. It all started during the summer when I suggested to Ms. Race we do Peter Pan and she loved it. I then watched ever version I could find. Probably my favourite experience since start would be going to practice and seeing everything come together slowly. Recently we have been gathering all of our set and props and I’m really excited to see it come together. During rehearsal I do many things, I have blocked every move in the play, played all sound cues and songs, opened and closed the curtain and prompt people their lines if they forget. You will always find me in the theatre room when I’m not busy and I have spent 300+ hours going to rehearsals and working on the play. We are finally down to the last 15 days, and it’s both exciting and scary. I am personally worried if we are ready or not, as we have not practiced with all props and not all of our set is ready. Hopefully, this week we will advance to a point where I won’t be stress and we will be ready.

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Hey! My name is Katherine O’Brien and I am now in grade 12. My birthday is May 12, 1999 which means I am 18. I am been at Mulgrave since kindergarten and I have been loving every second of it. I find love in all things Film, TV and Music and you will often find me on Netflix when I’m not in school, doing homework or doing other activities. Outside of school I play Volleyball and Basketball. Since I’m in grade 12 we need to know what to do, I definitely want to get into the Film or Theatre Industry because I have a major love of Film and Television as well as backstage production. I find myself a very odd and humorous person and you will always see me laughing or dancing because I like to make a fool of myself.

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