Overall, the whole exhibition process was enjoyable and challenging at the same time.¬†First of all, my group members were all very helpful when I needed help. They also gave me tips when presenting and when researching, as in what exactly research; because my line of inquiry gave less information than theirs. I also think that we worked well together. Throughout the process there were some small complaints here and there, but group work contains complaints and many irrelovent topics brung up. Also, many transdisciplinary skills were being demonstrated, like research skills and communication skills. Researching deep into a topic you are passionate about, and communicating well before a meeting; or meeting with an expert. The PYP Attitudes were also incorporated into this experience, such as being balanced and a thinker. To be balanced, you should still be playing sports outside of school and be having fun, but still working hard on exhibition. And you must think. Think about yourself, and how you have a big responsibility to keep your groups’ progress by researching and doing the work you are supposed to do. I really appreciate everything that the teachers did to guide and assist this excellent, and challenging experience.

On exhibition night, our hearts were racing as fast as they could pump our blood. We were so nervous, our legs were shaking. We were so excited, our arms couldn’t hold up our cue cards properly. I think we did well, as Practitioners. We had a large topic to slowly go through and pick the topics we wanted to go deeper into, and we did it successfully, with our home base teacher (Mrs. Ferguson) and our mentors’ help (Ms. Mitchell). To improve, we could’ve spoken louder and clearer on exhibition night. And, we could’ve researched more open-mindedley, and used both the positive and negative sides of sport inequalities. As Mrs. Dharamsi mentioned, use different websites, books, articles and videos to give more proof and a wider range of research.

In my opinion Grade 5s, here are the top skills to use in exhibition: metacognition, to think about your thinking. Try to be positive at all times, like when you contact an expert and they don’t reply. Try to really find a topic that you have a great interest and passion for, it helps you stay focused. Try to add interesting facts, but not long, boring ones; the audience won’t always have long attention spans. And of course use the time wisely. Fooling around with your group will not get you anywhere. Remember to thank all your peers, home base teacher, and mentor for their guidance and assurance. And lastly, communicate well before contacting or asking questions to anyone. If one group member doesn’t know something, it will throw everything off. So, remember the skills of real life, in school, and you should be successful.

-Kayley, the Rings of Rights

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