Wizard of Oz Reflection

One of the projects that we did was an English assignment related to our UOI: Wizard of Oz paragraphs. In this project, the objective was to answer two questions using quotes and examples from the book; examples in real life; and reasons of your own. The questions were: if you had to choose between a brain and a heart, which would you choose and why? Explain the theme of the book The Wizard of Oz. How is the reader able to understand more about the characters and their quest in chapters 6 and 7? For the first question, my mark was a 4. I know that I did not include any quotes and examples from the book, and this affected my mark. I also used vocabulary that was too broad and vague which made my writing a little confusing. In the second question, I got a 5. I had used adequate vocabulary and sentence structures, and used examples from the book. Overall, I could use better vocabulary and be more specific.


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