Camp Goals (& Achievements)

This year is grade 7. The first year of Middle School, the first year at MS Camp. This year, I plan to achieve all my goals. Camp is coming up, I think I’ll be more successful achieving my goals there. Camp is a place where you are informed about the great outdoors. It is a great place to make new friends and get to know old ones better.

My Camp Goals of 2014:

1. To communicate and interact will new people, mainly new students who have never attended Camp at Mulgrave. I will achieve this by talking and hanging around these fellow peers.

2. To be an open-minded risk-taker. Since G4 Camp, I have done at least 2 different things that pushed me out of my comfort zone. For example, at G6 Camp, I overcame my fear of heights! So, to achieve this, I will be doing activities that I wouldn’t do in Vancouver. I feel that Camp is an escape from reality, I am a whole new person in nature.

After I am back from Camp, I will extend this post to whether if I did or not achieve these goals:

1.  I have definitely achieved this goal to communicate and interact with new people. I got to get to know 2 new students, Nina Goldenberg and Natalie South. I now know that Nina speaks English, Japanese, and French; and that Natalie used to live in China.

2. This goal I did achieve…I think that sleeping under the stars was interesting to think about. I was very excited in the beginning, but then my friend kept worrying about a deer pooping on her; a spider crawling on her; and if it started to rain. I wasn’t too worried, but when it was actually the evening, I suddenly got paranoid it would start to rain, or that I’d get a million mosquito bites…Guess what? I got 8 bites on my face! What a coincidence…

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