Unit 1 Chemistry – Test Reflection

How did I prepare for the test?
For the unit 1 test, I used a few different strategies. First, I used the textbook. As a visual learner, did some questions and then I copied down some key information. To enhance my knowledge even more, I put my head to the quizzes. Each quiz I got a 9/10, but I made sure I understood which things I did wrong. Also, I completed the workbook page (78) that Ms Reis recommended. It really helped me understand more about the particle model of matter. Overall, I used a few sources.
What helped me?
On the day of the test, and in the previous classes, there were some exercises we did. In one class, we had assigned tasks in the workbook and textbook. I got many incorrect, but I figured out what I did wrong and practiced with my friends. The second thing that helped me was the Jeopardy! game we did in the class before the test. This improved my knowledge on density. On the day of, I found that the breathing technique helped me. It made me feel relaxed yet concentrated on the work ahead of me. Altogether, they made me feel confident, even though I know I got some questions wrong.

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