Science Fair

The Grade 7’s recently finished the annual Science Fair, and I am going to tell you more about this remarkable experience. My experiment was to investigate whether font choice affects a person’s ability to read aloud written material. My experiment fell under the category of psychology, while others under chemistry, physics and biology. We started planning and thinking about our experiments before Winter Break, around November. The project continued until January. Throughout the process, there were many ups and downs; not only for me, but for my peers, too. The most eventful part was during Winter Break, when my Science teacher, Ms Reis, injured her foot. She needed surgery to fix it. So, she then stayed away from Mulgrave, away from Science Fair, away from us wonderful students (maybe) for a few weeks. After that, our substitute, Ms Johnson, took over. She teaches Science and previously taught Science Fair a couple times, so she knew what she was doing and we were confident that we would succeed with her guidance.

The next step was the presenting and judging stage. For this, we prepped our presentations for the judges and we practiced and practiced and practiced; yet most of us did the thing that people call “winging it” on the day of. I know I didn’t use my cue cards even one time! My judge was so friendly, it felt like I was talking to my mom.

In the end, the judges chose Honorable Mentions and Winners. I received 1st in Psychology; all that hard work payed off! Ms Reis was there at the “ceremony” to congratulate me, along with Nicole C (2nd psychology), Christie Y (3rd psychology), Sahra K-L (1st biology), Nikki E-S (2nd biology), David C (3rd biology), Xiao H (1st Chemistry), Callum M (2nd chemistry), Natalie S (3rd chemistry), Josh C (1st physics), Peter Z (2nd physics), Chris L (3rd physics). As well, congratulations to Braxton, Julia, Nina, Tara, Behbod, Raiden, Campbell, Connor W, and Yann, for receiving an Honorable Mention. Those interested could be going to the Regional Science Fair from April 9-11! Overall, congrats to everybody in  Grade 7, it’s over now! RELAX! (Unless you’re going to Regionals… only 2 more months until it’s out of your head…)

In my perspective, this project was similar to Grade 6 Exhibition (my grade was the last to do PYP in Grade 6), except YOU have all the responsibilities and cannot blame things on your group mates (if you did in Exhibition…). I would like to thank everyone for making Science Fair such a fun, memorable, and interesting learning adventure!

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