Unit 4 Earth Science Part 2 – Test

For Science, in the Unit 4 Part 2 test, I got a lower mark than on my previous test (Earth Science Part 1), when I got a high mark! To prepare for this test, I used every study tool possible. That includes the Study Quizzes; the review package; the live forum (I answered majority of the questions from other students); the textbook reviews; and reviewing my notes. I was very confident that I would receive a mark I would be happy and proud of. I made a bad judgement, because I now know that Ms Reis was not looking for information or the memorization of different concepts, she was looking for students to notice and recognize the connections between multiple concepts. For the upcoming test of Ecology, I plan on looking forward and thinking more critically as to how one thing causes another, or the reaction of a previous action. I will also memorize the various concepts in which I can use to understand the connections. Aside, we were told in class that there will be more assignments comprising Criteria A, B, C, D, which means I can still receive a 7 or maybe even an 8 for the Ecology test, or the final lab report of my grade seven year. In summary, I can almost “redeem” myself throughout the next month or so.

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