ENFJ Protagonist

I got the ENFJ-T Protagonist personality, and each letter is an abbreviation for a part of the personality. E stands for extrovert (I got 54%), N stands for intuitive (I got 56%), F stands for feeling (64%), J stands for judging (66%), and T stands for turbulent (56%). Protagonist personalities make up only about 2% of the population, with many strengths and weaknesses I can relate to, and a change from my previous results (last year).

ENFJ-T’s have many strengths, and almost all of them are true about me, if I do say so myself. Protagonists are very tolerant, which means they will listen to others and consider their ideas, rather than only paying attention to their own ideas. They also are reliable, so they are the people to trust if you have a big secret, or if you need help with something. ENFJ-T’s are also altruistic and charismatic, meaning they are good at capturing an audience’s attention and do good for the community. And finally, they are natural, born leaders. Whether they are the behind-the-scenes leaders or in-the-action leaders, they know how to get power and control, sometimes from a nomination, sometimes from pure initiative.

Protagonists also have a fair amount of weaknesses, in which most of them support my personality. Firstly, they are overly idealistic, so that means that they are perfectionists and they always strive to be the best, even though they know it can’t happen. Secondly, they are too selfless and sensitive, which is fairly self-explainable. Third, an ENFJ-T’s self-esteem is usually defined over whether they live up to their goals or promises, whether they do well on a test, and so on. Finally, they struggle to make big decisions, because they are over-analytic and they often overthink things.

I think most of these characteristics are true about me, especially being reliable, altruistic, a born leader; yet also being overly idealistic, having fluctuating self-esteem, being too sensitive, and being horribly indecisive. Based on these results, I think I could be more okay with not being perfect, and I could try to be more decisive and confident in my choices.
Last year, I did the test in Ms Roy’s LLS class, but I was an ISFJ defender, which was similar to the protagonist, but the main difference is that the defender is more introverted while the protagonist is more extraverted. I think I have improved on being more communicative and open, which showed in my results, as the protagonist is an extrovert. I was surprised at first when I read that I was more extraverted, but after thinking about it, I am more extraverted, especially more than previous years.

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